1. What is GMT?

    GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is sometimes called UTC, which stands for Coordinated Universal Time.  It is the time that is correct for the longitude 0, which passes through Greenwich near London, independent of winter or summer. United Kingdom does not observe GMT during daylight saving time in the summer. Instead, in the UK, the time is one hour ahead of GMT. In aviation, pilots are required to speak with Air Traffic Control only in GMT, this eliminates confusion when airplanes from around the globe arrive at an international airport such as JFK, O’Hare, LAX, CDG (Paris), LHR (London) and more. This time zone is known by pilots as Zulu Time, Pilots are also required to talk in military format, that is, EAT 23:30 Zulu Time, which means 11:30 PM GMT, which in the winter is the same as in the UK but in the summer is one hour behind the UK. 
    Torgoen has several models with the GMT function, you can see these by clicking here. In a GMT watch the GMT hand makes one revolution every 24 hours rather than the normal 12 hours of a conventional hand. So a GMT hand pointing towards the digit 6, is actually showing the time at noon.


  1. What are shipping costs?


    We currently offer free ground shipping throughout the USA and Canada. There is an additional charge to Alaska and Hawaii. We also offer second day air or next day air (overnight) shipments for the cost of the shipping. We calculate the costs based on shipping location using UPS rates. Rates vary according to the distance from our shipping location (ZIP code NY 11362). To calculate the cost of shipping go to the UPS website, enter your ZIP code in the 'destination' field and our ZIP code (11362) in the 'departure' field.

    We charge UPS rates, and still reserve the right to send orders by other means.

    Canada specific

    We take no responsibility for charges made by Canadian Customs Duties.


    We offer free shipping Worldwide. Custom Duties and VAT Unless specifically stated during checkout, Customs and VAT are not calculated in shipping costs and we take no responsibility for customs duties and/or VAT charges on shipments. Custom duties and VAT payments are the sole responsibility of the customer. We are currently establishing a shipment center in one of the EEC countries. Once functioning prices in Euros will include VAT.

  2. How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

    All orders received by noon Eastern Standard Time on a business day, will ship the same day. Orders received after noon will be shipped the following business day. Occasionally, orders will leave the following business day. Fedex or UPS ground shipping orders to be delivered to areas in the vicinity of our shipping center (Little Neck, NY), will be delivered by the next business day. However, UPS guarantees 4 to 7 business days for ground shipping. Next Day Air (overnight) or Second Day Air will of course arrive one or two business days, respectively, after shipment.

  3. Will I be charged VAT or Tax and Customs duties?

    We do not include customs and VAT charges in our pricing calculation and take no responsibility for customs duties and/or VAT charged for any shipment. We are currently working on establishing a shipping center to be located in one of the EEC countries. Once functioning, prices in Euros will include VAT.

Service and repairs

  1. What should I do if my watch needs repairing or servicing?

    For repairs and service please visit this page for detailed instructions.

  2. How can I replace my strap?

    Please contact us at:, or phone us on: +1 (866) 631-0342. Tell us which strap you need and for which model watch. You may also want to purchase a different color or material. We recommend that you visit our strap section to choose the strap that suites you

  3. How do I get a new link, pin, or buckle?

    Contact us with your specific need by choosing your location through the contact us form on this site or phone us on: +1 (866) 631-0342

  4. What should I do if I need a new battery?

    You can change your battery at any reputable watch maker. We recommend that you do not change a battery where they cannot check for water resistance after opening the back of the watch. Some watch makers don’t have the right equipment and if they do not have the experience they may damage the movement. It is enough to touch the electric coil accidently with tweezers to cause the movement to stop. The coil is not repairable and in such a case the module unit will have to be replaced. 

  5. How can I get service my watch if my warranty has expired?

    We, of course are committed to servicing your watch even after your warranty has expired. Please contact our Customer Service page here for a quote. Make sure to describe the problem in as much detail as possible and we will get back to you with instructions of what to do and where to send your watch for repair, based on your location.

  6. Setting chronograph hands to 0

    When using your chronograph function you will notice that the hands do not re-set to 0 when you press the re-set button. This is common after replacing the batteries.  To calibrate the sub-dials, we recommend the following videos for T16 and T18:

    For instructions on how to calibrate other models, you can call us, or refer to the instruction manual specific to your watch. You will find the user manual online on the page that specifically relates to your watch model.


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