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As an Aviation inspired  brand, Torgoen is about more than our timepieces, it is also about the lifestyle our timepieces embody. Being professional pilots ourselves, we want to tell our customers about individuals, professional pilots and adventurers who inspire us. In our new recurring series, Torgoen Adventurers,  we will introduce you to Aviation professionals: photographers, pilots, rescuers and more.

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Meet Deon Mitton, aviation photographer. Deon’s feed is full of breathtaking views, even more breathtaking aircrafts and extraordinary adventures. We decided to ask him a couple of questions about two of his biggest passions: flying and photography.


1.How did you start specialising in aviation photography?

I have always captured my travel experiences to share with friends and family - and always been doing aviation photography, since I started flying.  

About 5 years ago, my flying adventures started to take to more  off-the-grid locations, and I continued to document these adventures with video and stills.  

When I started my to focus my flying on helicopter and seaplane flying, I was able to explore more of these fascinating off-the-grid locations - and I realized there is an audience for this kind of photography.


2.Tell us about your most memorable photoshoot.

In the Alaska wilderness, there are many opportunities to capture the magic of this wilderness, and especially sharing these moments with friends and fellow pilots.  

In the summer of 2016, I was fortunate enough to explore the coastal region of South East Alaska, with a seaplane.

This allowed us to land in pristine lakes, amongst the glaciers of this region.  A truly unique experience of camaraderie, exploration, and enjoying the natural wilderness that this area has to offer.

3.The most important thing to remember when taking photos on an airplane

As with any photography - we are telling a story.  Attempting to capture the emotion which you experience during this moment, is something I try and focus on.

I try to capture the movement of light as it reflects off the aircraft.

If there is a prop spinning, try to capture that perfectly.  

This means, I work with long exposures all the time.

4.Any tips for starting aviation photographers?

Experiment, get to know your equipment very well - this will determine your limitations when shooting aircraft.  

Don't be afraid to make mistakes.  The name of the game is to make many mistakes, and get lucky every now and then.  

Just go out and shoot as much as you can.  Everybody always thinks that expensive equipment will make the difference, where the exact opposite is true. The best camera you have,

is the one in your pocket....even if that means a cellphone.  

Learn how to match the emotions you experience when viewing scene, with the image you see. Capture that on film, and and you have a winner.




5.Any exciting shooting projects coming up you'd like to tell us about?

A few -Alaska is always on the agenda, and I am planning some late summer

seaplane flying adventures in the South Central area.  

After that I will be going to the high desert of Western US, to join the bushpilots and the annual fly-in at the High Sierra Fly-in Africa is always on my summer agenda (summertime in the Southern Hemisphere).

Then there is Scandinavian Arctic region, and more winter solstice flying. This is a magical location, with incredible light.   

And very difficult shooting conditions during winter solstice - with very low


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