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Top Swiss Pilot Watches Under $500

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TORGOEN is a US based aviation watch brand, with 20 years of watchmaking experience. Being pilots themselves, they have leveraged their knowledge to create the most value-for-money vintage pilot watches with the highest quality Swiss-movements while adhering to the most strict industry standards. TORGOEN watch designs are inspired by the look & feel of an aircraft cockpit and contain functional features such as multiple time zones, navigation bars, chronograph and alarm.


TOP 5  Swiss-Movement Pilot Watches
Under $500

T16 CHRONOGRAPH | From $470 

Loyal to all Torgoen signature watches, the T16 has a clean look dial and is designed for ease of read, with large, luminescent digits and markers that can be clearly viewed even in the dark. The sophisticated Swiss chronograph movement is made by Ronda, a highly regarded Swiss movement manufacturer. The T16 is regarded a Classic Aviation watch and available with different dial colors, size and crystal.

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T18 SPORT AVIATION | From $480

Designed in partnership with Team Pelfrey Star Mazda racers, this watch brings flight speed to the race track. Equipped with a wide range of functional tools for race car and aviation enthusiasts living in high speed, this watch includes a Swiss Made ETA G10.211 quartz chronograph movement. With large, clearly displayed orange digits that add a hint of color, a black carbon fiber dial, a hardened mineral crystal cover and a black PU strap, this is an elegant timepiece with a thrilling edge.

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T30 ALARM & GMT | From $360

The T30 is a magnificent timepiece with a simple straightforward design and great functionality. A Swiss Made quartz movement, two time zones and an alarm, large displayed digits on a blue/cream or black dial, GMT hand, a hardened mineral crystal cover and a leather strap, this dramatic timepiece exudes speed and accuracy.

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T39 SLIM | From $430

The Torgoen Slim Collection was designed to be more dressy and trendy without compromising our signature look of bold and ergonomically design, high readability and pleasing-to-the-eye display for quick reference of time. It has a super slim movement which allowed us to design a watch that is 6.36 mm in thickness. In spite of its elegance, we continue deliver our usual water resistance of up to 50 meters (165 feet). Needless to say, like in any other Torgoen watch, workmanship and materials are of the highest standards in the industry.

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T25 GMT | From $328 on sale

Inspired by the Sextant, and other 17th Century navigational instruments used by John Harrison in solving the longitudinal problem, this Swiss quartz dual-zone timepiece straight forward, ergonomically designed for easy read which is the signature of all Torgoen watches. With a vintage design and bold look, this time piece incorporates two independent time zones one of which is represented by an additional hand that makes one revolution every 24 hours.

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We take great pride in ensuring that all of our watches are produced to the highest standards, with an emphasis on innovation, creativity and manufacturing integrity. We use only the best components, materials, and production methods, including aviation grade stainless steel cases and Swiss movements, to create a watch that can be worn with confidence, pride and the assurance of knowing you are dealing with a company that genuinely cares.


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