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Torgoen Adventurers: Pilot Sebastiano

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We had the opportunity to speak to aviation enthusiast and pilot Sebastiano about his experience as an international corporate jet pilot and world explorer.

Sebastiano is currently an international Captain on Gulfstream G500 and G650 aircraft for a Fortune 500 company’s flight department. In the interview below he shares how he got into aviation, what his most memorable flight/adventure has been more on his flying experience.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

I'm an international corporate jet pilot.  I travel world wide and enjoy experiencing new cultures, flying and I LOVE trying cuisine from around the world.  Join me on our journey as we explore and see what the world has to offer.

How did you get into aviation?

I was an opposite union construction worker in Philadelphia and every morning I hated going to work!  So, I started looking at other options as to what else I could do that I would enjoy more that paid the equivalent to what I was making in construction.  I've always loved airplanes and traveling and in my search I found that a pilots' salary was definitely not bad so I thought it was a no brainer.

Soon after, I started pursuing my private pilot license and by the end of my training I decided that it would be an exciting career.I quit my job and enrolled in flight school full time until I received all of the ratings I needed to start working as a flight instructor.

What is your current job?

I'm currently an international Captain on Gulfstream G550 & G650 aircraft for a fortune 500 company's flight department, based in the northeast.

Tell us about your most memorable adventure/flight.

My most memorable flights had to be a three leg journey to Tokyo, a few cities in Australia, and Honolulu.

When I was in Tokyo we ended up dressing up like superheroes and riding go-carts around the city - it was an interesting night and absolutely incredible and scary at the same time.


 We attended a sushi making class and got to try a ton of eclectic sushi (and as I heard, missed Taylor Swift by a day!) . The Udon, Ramen and conveyor belt sushi joints were incredible and definitely memorable. 

In Cairns, Australia we snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef and went on safari. Seeing the beautiful animals in the wild in their natural habitat is indescribable. We also watched a toad race in downtown Port Douglas and explored Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney where we saw the Opera House.

Honolulu was our last stop and we got a chance to relax on the island, eat wonderfully fresh food and wind down from an amazing trip. 


What is the most important thing to remember when operating an aircraft?

ALWAYS actively fly the airplane. If you're in bad weather, in an emergency situation, or just having a small issue and you neglect to keep the aircraft flying out of harms way, then nothing else matters.

What is a common myth about flying?

That you can fly through a thunderstorm. You absolutely can NOT without the risk of making it out alive. With that being said, There are select aircrafts that have been equipped and are capable of flying through storms, but they have been modified to withstand the heavy winds.
What is your favorite thing about being a pilot?

Being able to see the world and visiting exciting destinations while "on the job" more than I ever would have anticipated!

How is flying as a career different from flying for fun or as a hobby?

Flying as a career is much different than flying for fun or as a hobby. You have a schedule to tell you when you need to depart and land.  You have someone else telling you where to go and for how long. You don't get to fly over cool things and explore the world as you're flying. You can't stop for lunch or stop in a cool city that you are flying over just because you want to. Flying for a career is awesome because the job takes you to many cities that you would have never otherwise had the chance to, and they end up being amazing cities that you want to go back to for vacation.


What part of the world have you not yet been to that is on your bucket list?  

Definitely Antarctica, it's the only continent I have yet to travel to.

What are your 5 essential items when in flight?

First, Coffee! Plus food, my iPad, sunglasses and of course my Torgoen watch.

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