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How To Choose A Tactical Watch: Must-Have Features & Purchasing Tips

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Tactical watches are wrist watches which are designed to meet the unique needs of security forces and extreme sports enthusiasts. Although there is no such thing as a “perfect” tactical watch, since different people have different needs, some qualities are critical. In this post we will go over the most important features you need to look for when choosing your next tactical timepiece.

Toughness And Scratch Resistance: Buy From A Trusted Brand & Go Sapphire!

A good tactical watch should remain fully functional even after years of impacts, rubs and shocks correlated with intense outdoor activity. Also, its crystal should remain scratch-free, or reading the time might get difficult with time and the overall appearance will deteriorate. This is why you should not compromise on the materials that compile the watch nor on the brand that manufactured and tested it.

As for the materials, make sure you get a watch with a lens that is made out of Sapphire (Corundum). Second only to diamonds, Sapphire is the hardest and most scratch-resistant mineral in the world. It is also relatively affordable. As for the case, there are many durable materials out there. High grade stainless steel is a safe choice but if you are allergic, polymer-plastic and ceramic made watches are also common.

Raw, white sapphire

It’s important to note that the materials that compose the watch will not matter squat if the whole piece was put together poorly. When picking a tactical wristwatch, you should always check that it was tested under extreme conditions. This is why buying from a reliable brand could payoff in this case, since you have to trust the manufacturer when he says he did so.

Accuracy: Don’t Go Mechanical!

Accuracy is important. Especially if you are relying on your watch to coordinate moves with others, if you are going for long adventures or even if you don’t want to have to re-adjust your timepiece every two weeks.

Although mechanical watches tend to more fashionably-desirable, they are not as merely accurate as quartz-based or digital ones. According to the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, which certifies the accuracy and precision of wristwatches in Switzerland, a mechanical watch is considered to be precise as long it doesn’t drift by more than 6 seconds a day. This is while quartz watches are “allowed” to drift by no more than 0.07 seconds a day! Also, mechanical watches are far more sensitive to heat and shocks.

Look For Luminescent Hands (or Digits) – Not Just A “Lights On” Button!

Outdoor activity or military operations are a 24 hours game. Being able to read the time in the dark, especially without having to use your other hand to click the watch’s backlight button, is important. After all, when you are rappelling, skiing, holding a walking stick, a wheel, a gun, a fishing hook or whatever – you don’t want to have to do more than just tilt your head to read your watch. Hands that mildly glow continuously will make time-reading simpler.

A watch featuring luminescent hands

Water And Pressure Resistance: Go For At Least 10ATM!

ATM, or “atmospheres”, are pressure units that represent the amount of pressure a watch can withstand. A 3ATM watch will endure pressure equivalent to that which exists under 30 meters of water (~100ft). However, note that ATM is NOT a measure of depth. For example, even at the shower, pressure that is greater than 3ATM could be applied on your watch. In fact, the International Organization for Standardization recommends not to even go snorkeling with a 5ATM resistant watch, as it might not survive it.

Therefore, it is best to go for a watch that can withstand at least 10ATM, so you wouldn’t have to worry of entering the water or if your watch just got accidently stepped on.

Why An Analog Watch Could Serve You Better Than A Digital One

While some prefer the classic look of analog watches, their appearance alone is not a substantial advantage. In fact, digital watches are extremely accurate and often offer additional, sophisticated functions.
However, that’s not all that matters. When you are making your way to a distant rendezvous or waypoint; Need to get somewhere before sundown; going through a tight schedule or in fact, performing any sort of task- just knowing how much time you still got left isn’t enough. You also have to feel it. The visual sight of the hands moving around the dial and across the indexes can enhance your grasp of the time. It could help you better understand at what pace you should keep on doing whatever it is that you are doing, in order to meet your goals.

For Those Who Want Discretion: Go For Anti-reflective PVD Coating

Some men are discreet and don’t want to flash around their whereabouts, literally. If this is important for you as well, make sure your watch comes with a non-metallic band and that the metal parts are coated with black or dark plating that reduces Reflectance.

PVD is a high-end coating technique that generates a more durable, scratch-resistant covering than others. Also, PVD can utilize any type of inorganic material for coating, including some high quality non-reflective materials other methods can’t. So best to play safe and choose a PVD coated watch.

Why Choose Torgoen T7T Tactical Series

According to, Torgoen “is committed in providing us with quality, precision and accuracy. The brand uses the best components and materials and constantly passes the highest industry standard tests.”

The Torgoen T7T-B, with a green strap

Our series of tactical watches (Torgoen T7T) was created while taking in mind the needs of Special Forces and hard-core extreme sports fans. These tough 10ATM water resistant,Swiss made watches incorporate a quartz dual time zones movement (to keep track of the time back home). The mechanism is encased in high grade solid stainless steel with PVD black plating. The lens is made out of scratch-proof, anti-reflective Sapphire which protects the extremely long-lasting luminescent hands and indexes under it. Also, the rotating bezel performs as a stop-watch similar to the external bezel of a diving watch.  These rugged, yet stylish, timepieces are built to last.

Each unit comes with three interchangeable straps that easily change the mood: a black double-injection, comfortable PU strap for outdoor adventures, a nylon strap for everyday comfort and a solid, black stainless steel bracelet for an elegant evening look.

They all come in a complementary water tight gift box (that even features a pressure release knob), which is perfect for storing water-sensitive items during wet adventures, such as your mobile, wallet, documents, ect.

Check out Torgoen’s Tactical watch collection.


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