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Behind the scenes: an interview with Torgoen Head Designer

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Behind every product there is usually a dedicated team that put a lot of effort, thought, hours and work into it. That is also the case here at Torgoen. We wanted to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes and give you some insights from our head designer.

What is the inspiration behind a classic Torgoen watch design?

The motivation behind the brand concept was to create an affordable line of aviation watches. There are many brands that concentrate on the aviation theme, but none are affordable or have good value. With lots of effort, We have succeeded in creating a line inspired by the traditional airplane cockpit instruments, especially the altimeter. The simple font, clear markers and shape of the hands were all the inspiration for the simplicity, high readability and contrast between the markers and the background. This is why most Torgoen watches are large. This gives the feeling of an aviation instrument where it is important to be able to read the time with just a quick glance. A pilot needs to be “ahead of the plane” as pilots call this. This is what pilots are taught when learning to fly. They need to anticipate the next action a few seconds before it happens and be mentally ready for these actions. For that purpose, the dial and hands design should very clear and easy to read. Obviously, this is also becomes very handy in daily life. 

What are your main principles when it comes to designing a Torgoen Watch?

In short, readability, quality and price. Look and feel is only one part of the concept. We keep striving to achieve the best quality for the price, so we chose the top materials available for the watch industry. The cases and bracelets are all high grade stainless steel. We use case manufacturers that are able to deliver high standards in metalworking. The dial manufacturers are able to deliver high precision printing with excellent luminosity materials. Our assembler is required to conduct numerous quality control tests. All watches are inspected visually and functionally as well as pass a 10 ATM (100 meters) water resistance test. All this is to attempt to deliver high value. Last and not least, the Swiss made movement. We always felt that a brand like Torgoen has to provide our customers with the best quality movement in the market. 

What was the most challenging model to design and why? 

The design process is part of  continuous improvement. We need to constantly adapt to what sells the most. Today we know how to design and produce any watch - however that alone is not enough. Throughout the years, we had some beautiful watches, but they were tougher to sell because of the price. For instance, the Tactical T7 was a wonderful model, but it was just a bit too expensive for our customers. So, the challenge is always to get to the right product at the right price. 

Tell us a little bit about the new T101 series and how it came to life. 

The T101 series came from the customers. Many were asking to have a simple three hands calendar that is affordable and smaller than the T10, so we freshened up a bit, the design, we got rid of the crown protector which is less necessary when you have a smaller case and it makes it easier to use the crown. Basically, it has the same concepts described above.


Any exciting new launches you are working on? 

Plenty! We're going to launch a new fresh series of our T18 Best Seller with plenty of new colors and different straps. Another promising series of watches that should arrive in a few months is the the Slim T19, the next generation of our previous model, Slim T39. These were requested by customers and provides a stylish, slim, 40mm aviation watch, which is a favourite for both men and women. Another exciting event is the launch of our new Swiss Movement T42 Automatic watch! Here again we designed it to be 41mm with different colors and straps. 

On the higher end of the Torgoen line is the new T25 Meteorite series, which will have a sapphire crystal and the alluring look of a true meteorite dial. We had produced meteorite watches for a long time, based on our T16. Now, it will be GMT and 41mm. Lastly, is the Torgoen Diver Watch. We thought that it's about time that Torgoen has a proper diving watch.  While it is built according to all the principles of a diving watch, we made sure it remains affordable and beautiful.

All these should arrive in the coming few months. 


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